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Children's Magic

Magic for the children's entertainer - many exclusives!

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Silk Magic

Huge range of sizes, colours and designs - tricks as well.

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Halloween Magic

Spooky seasonal tricks!

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Sponge Magic

Wide range of sizes and colours plus other sponge props.

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General Magic

Standard props and necessities

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Christmas Magic

Tricks and props with seasonal appeal.

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Close-up Magic

Tricks and props for close-up performances.

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Flash Magic

Our range of flash products..

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Books & DVDs

Magic books and DVDs - many exclusives!

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Under 5s

Magic for very young children.

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Cheryl & Jeremy Le Poidevin
welcome you to their website.

Here you'll find:

lots of exclusive material;
some of the best children's tricks on the market;
high quality products;
great stage props;
a wide range of silks, sponge and rope.

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30/03/15 Watch Fireside Chat no. 28 -
The Happiest Place On Earth!
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Email received:

Hello Jeremy and Cheryl. Thank you for the registration letter. I had a great time at Trix 2014. I think that you and all your co-workers, have made a really great convention. The inspiration I get from Trix is priceless for me as a family entertainer. Great job and really looking forward to next year! Have a nice summer and keep in touch! M.R (Sweden)




Email received: 
Dear Jeremy and Cheryl, I would like to thank you both for the excellent tips you have given to me. I bought from you two DVDs, the first being Terry Herbert's Magic For Under 5s some while back, and, last year I purchased So You Want To Entertain Children With Magic? This weekend gone I had my first under 5s birthday party and without these excellent DVDs I would never have survived. I need to get more tricks for this age group from you in the future. You may not get many thank you emails but you have truly helped me to get more bookings for this age group. Once again, thank you and Silly Billy, Terry Herbert and Mad Kimmo. (M.A. Thompson - Children's Entertainer)