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Lecture Notes – Magic Hands of Germany (in English)
The German dealers, Magic Hands, made their name with beautiful silk and stage effects. Here is a collection of some of their best, original material showing that the ideas were every bit as good as the props.
• A large silk is shown on both sides. The corners are gathered and, from the silk, a huge streamer flows out.
• Three silks are tied together into a silk chain by a spectator. The chain is separated without untying the knots and the individual still-knotted silks can be examined.
• An original ‘Blendo’ routine in which 4 separate silks form a large single silk.
• A silk is placed into a paper tube which is cut through. Nevertheless, the silk remains whole and can be examined.
• One long and one short rope: a spectator ties a silk on either rope. Mysteriously, the silk jumps from one rope to the other!
• From a champagne bottle, four differently coloured silks are produced. From the same bottle, four glasses of champagne are poured, each of a different colour to match the silks! Finally, the bottle turns into two bouquets of flowers!
• A version of the classic ‘Mutilated Parasol’ but requiring neither a second umbrella, nor a solid tube or newspaper!

This is only a partial listing of the contents: there are 13 in all. 70 pages, profusely illustrated throughout. Terrific value.

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