How To Make A Living By Stealing…Doves, Of Course! DVD

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How To Make A Living By Stealing…Doves, Of Course! DVD – General Grant 

From a true master in his craft, the best source of real world techniques from General’s performances. On this DVD you will find:
· General Grant’s One-Handed Dove Release - a clean, simple, astounding release, acclaimed by many to be the best in the business;
· The Vanishing Dove – a dove changes into a silk in the twinkling of an eye. It is General’s award-winning vanish that created such excitement;
· The Double Dove Production – personal video instruction makes this the easiest to perform simply and correctly.
· Added Bonus: General Grant’s Zombie Routine – a beautiful routine without any complications…the ball vanishes at the conclusion of the routine (what a logical finish!)
· And there’s more: Ribbons to Dove, Body Steals, Splitting Silks, One Hand Release Holder, Tissue to Dove, as well as the performance of the entire act.
If you want to learn about doves, or if you are looking to increase your knowledge, there is outstanding material on this DVD. “You have to see General Grant in action to appreciate his mastery of the art of magic. His work with doves is miraculous.” The Linking Ring. 

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