Not Walking Knot DVD and Lecture Notes

Not Walking Knot – Michael J Fitch DVD + Lecture Notes

At Blackpool 2013, Michael presented his children’s lecture and you’ll find a pdf of all his great material on this disc.
One of the highlights is his ‘Walking Knot’ routine, which was originated by Pavel, who died in 2011. Michael wanted an ungimmicked version (he explains why in the intro to this disc) and set about devising his own routine (hence the title). This is clearly discussed and demonstrated on this disc. 

If you’ve never seen ‘Walking Knot’ the basic effect is that a length of rope is stretched between two spectators and a cut made wherever desired. The two ends are then knotted together. Now for the magic! The knot is now slid backwards and forwards to a new spot…and then untied again! It’s uncanny!
Michael’s extraordinary version ends with you being able to hand out the rope at the end, and, because of its visual nature, not to mention the powerful magic, is suited to any sort of audience from children upwards. This DVD is unconditionally recommended.

Remember: you get the full contents of Michael's lecture as well as the above!

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