Comeback Wasp

Tommy James


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Comeback Wasp - Tommy James UK EXCLUSIVE
(NB Tommy marketed this item in the US as Comeback Bee. We felt that in the UK - and perhaps some other countries - a wasp would be better than a bee.)
A routine that is guaranteed to stir the kids into a buzzing frenzy!
You display the backs of five cards each with a picture of a magic hat.
Ask the children "What do magicians pull out of hats?" Of course they
respond "Rabbits!" Turn the cards around and state that you have five
different colored rabbits. There is a blue rabbit, yellow, red, green and
. . . Oh no!  The children discover on one of the cards there is a BIG
WASP, and they will let you know! You see the wasp, place it aside, grab a
fly swatter (not included) and give it a few whacks! The kids go bananas!
You now show four different colored rabbits. State that you will make one
rabbit disappear when you say "Abra" and the kids shout "Cadabra!" But
when you count the rabbits again another wasp appears! Place the wasp aside,
grab the fly swatter and give it a few whacks. The children are in
You show THREE different colored rabbits. You attempt to make one
disappear but, another wasp appears! Grab the swatter . . . Whack, Whack,
Whack!  This happens two more times until ALL the rabbits have turned into
wasps. You turn around to discard all the wasps and . . .  there is another
wasp hanging on your back! The children are in a frenzy!
This is a high-energy trick with lots of excitement that really gets crowd
buzzing! The cards  measure 5-1/2" high by 4-1/4" wide, printed in vibrant
colors on 16pt card stock with a protective gloss finish. Complete with
detailed written instructions with lots of photos as well as a private
link to an instructional video to help make the learning process clear.
Fly swatter not included.

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