Pneumatic Wand

Pneumatic Wand - EXCLUSIVE

It’s pneu! (The wooden version, that is.) It’s also one of the funniest bits of business you’ll see in many a long year. In the course of a trick, you need your wand, but, as this is a special trick you need a special wand: in fact, your very best wand. It’s so special, you keep it in a box so that it can’t get scratched. Removing the lid, you peer inside. What’s this? A tatty, crumpled silk handkerchief! And you asked your wife/girlfriend/ husband/ partner to iron it for you! Looks like they have forgotten. You don’t, surely not! You don’t think they’ve ironed the WAND instead! So saying, you remove from the box a wand which looks as if it has had an argument with a steamroller!

Now you’re really in a mess (magician-in-trouble syndrome!). You can’t perform magic with a flat wand, so you call up a volunteer. The wand is dropped back into the box, and the lid placed on. Is your assistant any good at swimming? No? Well, can she hold her breath? T hat’s good! Now you get her to stick a finger in one end of the box, and you pump her arm up and down, trying to force air into the box. (You could equally well use a balloon pump here.)

It seems to work, because a moment later, when you remove the lid, the flat wand has vanished, and there is your best wand, completely SOLID, which you use for the trick!

You’re going to have a lot of fun with this one! It comes complete with everything you need (including a 12” silk) to put this into your show right away. Approximate size of box is 2” x 2” x 15” (5 x 5 x 38cms) and is made from wood throughout.

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