Two Little Birds

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Two Little Birds – Stewart Murray  EXCLUSIVE

If you’ve never seen this before, then watch Terry Herbert’s masterly handling of it on our ‘Magic for Under 5s’ DVD. He gets the children to chant the well-known nursery rhyme before the picture is even seen, after muddling up things so that the children have to correct him!  Peter and Paul – the two little birds – keep appearing and disappearing from the picture frame. You never know where they’re going to appear next! Terry has them ‘flying’ around the room before landing back on the wall. The picture is finished in really bright colours inside the antique style frame. (Perspex not glass is used, of course.) Great entertainment for the little ones, and a beautifully made prop. (Picture size: approx. 10” x 12”) 

A note from children’s entertainer Ted Lumby said, “ Stunning quality – will be a pleasure to perform.”

"'Two Little Birds' is the perfect trick for the younger ones who still like nursery rhymes. It's charming and fun and adds the all-important element of quality to your show." J.F.

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