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Golden Egg Bag EXCLUSIVE

What a great looking prop, and what a versatile prop, as well! So versatile that we have included no fewer than 3 different routines – 2 from prolific ideas man, Ian Adair.

Routine 1.

You use the bag for a clever Just Chance routine. Having shown the bag empty, you invite up a group of helpers (including the Birthday Child) and give them a chance to win a star prize! Four times, an egg magically appears in the bag, but, when it is ‘cracked’ open, all there is inside is a joke. Then it’s the Birthday Child’s turn. In goes the hand, and out comes a GOLDEN EGG!! It is opened and inside is…well, whatever you want to put in – some chocolate gold coins, perhaps. Completely under your control and utterly simple to work!

Routine 2.

You explain that you’ve always hated cooking, but fortunately, you have a magic bag which takes care of all your food needs. The bag is shown empty, and you say that, for breakfast, you like a nice egg. Sure enough, one appears! It can be removed by a spectator. The same happens at 11 o’clock, at lunchtime, and teatime. On each occasion, an egg is taken out of the bag. Then you ask the children what you have for a late supper. The children answer: an egg. Instead, you reach inside and pull out a large CHICKEN! A great comedy finish!

Routine 3.

This is perfect for younger children. You try to tell the story ofJack and the Beanstalk, but keep getting it wrong as the children correct you. Finally, you come to the part where you tell them about the Goose Who Laid Golden Eggs. After showing the bag empty, you get the children to try and help Jack and, guess what? A golden egg appears, followed by another and another. Then you ask if the children would like to see the beautiful goose who laid all the eggs. But when you reach inside, something has gone wrong, for all you produce is a scrawny chicken!

We supply the bag, lots of eggs (the solid gold ones, of course!) and the chicken, along with all the routines.

Ideal for the pantomime season around Christmas!

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