Duncan Dungaree

Duncan Dungaree – Ron Gilbert EXCLUSIVE

One of the cutest and most adorable bears you can imagine! He lives in a box, from which he’s always falling out – only you never see him, of course! It’s the children who notice him! He looks very smart in his blue dungarees, but there’s one thing missing. It’s a bow tie! Perhaps the children would like to choose one for Duncan? Duncan is rested on the box, but, half the time, he falls backwards, and half the time he falls right in!

Differently coloured bow ties are shown and the children choose one which is placed in an envelope for a child to hold (Lots of fun to be had here with wands etc.). When the envelope is opened, there’s no bow tie on the card – just a puff of smoke.

Where can the bow tie be? The children will quickly tell you! The box is opened and Duncan is brought out. NO bow tie! This can be repeated to the delight of the children, but, whenever you want, you can make the bow tie appear.

The box is 13” high by 9” wide (34 cms x 23cms) but is hinged to fold flat. The little bear is 12” high (41cms).

Comes complete with box, bear, bow tie cards and envelope.

Beautiful magic for the very young: the props are bright and appealing and there’s a very simple storyline to follow.

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