Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet – Cedric Richardson EXCLUSIVE 

This trick has all the elements of good children’s entertainment:
Packs flat; Lightweight; Ideal for the slightly older child; Visible in the largest hall – ‘slates’ are A4 size; Loads of ‘business’; Plenty of participation;
Utterly simple workings; Extra Road Safety routine.
Explaining that you were always teacher’s pet at school (“she kept me in a cage at the back,”), you tell the children why: because you were VERY good at sums. She asked you for the answers, and you wrote them on these slates (there are two of them), which is what they used when you were at school. When you were asked for 3 + 3 + 3, you quickly wrote down the answer and now you show the children what you wrote: 8. The teacher said if you could prove 3 + 3 + 3 = 8, you could have the rest of the week off school, so you dashed round the classroom and collected three handkerchiefs. These you proceed to count wrongly, and, believe me, there is masses of fun to be had here! Eventually, you call up a suitable child who satisfactorily counts the handkerchiefs as 9. Looking crestfallen, you say that is exactly what you wrote. Challenged, you turn around the slate to show 9! But what about the other slate which you are obviously hiding? You tell the children that you can't turn it round or you'll be in BIG trouble - and when you do eventually turn it round, the children see why, for on it you've drawn a picture of your teacher!
***   In addition, Trevor Lewis has given us another terrific routine using the same simple props. Three lots of three things to remember with Road Safety: ABC – Always Be Careful; Stop, Look and Listen; and Red, Orange and Green. (Of course, the handkerchiefs match these colours.)   ***

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