iNav Boss RF Remote



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iNav Boss RF Remote

This small remote will allow you to control your Apple device via a RF (radio frequency) signal. This means that it does not require line-of-sight. The remote can be operated from your pocket, from inside your case, or from backstage. It uses the highest quality frequency available and is good up to 125 feet. All the various commands are available such as play, pause, advance, fade out, previous, volume up and volume down. 

Works directly with iTunes on your player, or with most 3rd Party Music Apps (Show Cues, One Track and Go Button)

If you have an older Apple product with a 30 pin charging port, the receiver will plug straight into your device.

Devices with a lightning connector WILL require a GENUINE Apple 30 pin to lightning adaptor. These are available directly from Apple.  Your remote will NOT operate with a 3rd party adaptor.

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