Christmas Production Silk 36"

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SKU: H0003

Christmas Production silk 36" EXCLUSIVE

One of the most beautiful silks we have ever seen - great artwork and vibrant colours!
"The best silk I have ever bought!" Ali Cardabra
Here’s a really simple but fun routine using the Christmas silk.
You’ll need a production device of some sort: a Change Bag, a production box, a Gung Ho Box – anything which can be shown empty and then allow a silk to be produced.
All set?
“Santa got in touch with me this morning when he heard I was coming here for this party. He said to tell you all that he’s very, very busy making all the toys for children, making sure that the elves are working hard, then wrapping up the presents and making sure that they are clearly labelled. Because he’s so busy, he wanted me to tell you that he hasn’t forgotten any of you. In fact, he said he was going to send me a picture by Santa Mail. It’s a bit like email. I wonder if he’s sent it yet?”
From here on in, you can use the idea of the picture being sent as a running gag (“I wonder if it’s arrived. Shall I look? I think he must have forgotten,”) to build up anticipation with the children.
Finally, the silk is produced, maybe after a child has waved a Christmas wand, or the children have sung ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’.
You can use the above, even if Santa himself is going to appear at the end of the show (“Look, he found time after all! That’s better than a picture, isn’t it?”)

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