3D Sponge Rabbits



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3D Sponge Rabbits – Goshman

“People love and remember ‘The Rabbits’ long after they have forgotten routines that might take years to learn. Cute, magical rabbits that appear inside the spectator’s hand is such a fun idea, that the rabbits are possibly the greatest close-up trick of all time!” (Michael Ammar) What is most certainly true is that you have never seen such adorable rabbits as these and they are beautifully sculpted! They are as different from the usual red rabbits as chalk and cheese. Highest recommendation!

We can also supply 5” Sponge Rabbits (these are cream with brown tips) to match the ones in the 3D Sponge Rabbits sets. Each £4.50
The small rabbits are £1.00 each.

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