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Card Captured!
Here's a great card magic effect, to be performed in close up or parlour magic.
It is based on the already well-known trick known as "Signed card to wallet." 
A card, selected and signed by a member of the audience, disappears from the rest of the deck. At the very moment the disappearance is discovered, you bring out a closed black bag and hand it to the spectator to open. Inside the bag he finds his signed card - it is in between two transparent acrylic plates, held together by elastic bands that keep the card between the plates. The spectator himself removes the bands, takes their card out.  Everything may be examined by the audience. 

You receive the two acrylic plates prepared with the grooves for placing the elastic bands, the bag and the professional gimmick, which performs the miracle. 

NOTE: As with most card to impossible location effects, you WILL be required to palm a playing card for this effect.

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