Lie Detector



Lie Detector - UnderMagic 

A comical device that will make your shows unique.

The unit is under your complete control and can be used stand alone or added to may routine you already perform.

The detector has bright red and green LEDs, loud sound and final explosion! It is equipped with high-volume internal speakers and is loud enough for the biggest venues.

Handcrafted in extremely limited numbers by Josemari Alcázar, this lie detector will surely become a collector's item.

Guaranteed electronics. Total remote control and requires only 4 x AA batteries. We even include some flash cotton to get you started.

Includes a high quality flight case to protect your investment.

Built to order only! Build time is 8-10 weeks from order.

These aren't cheap, but are an investment for your show and will certainly hold their value.  The total cost is £750.00.

At least 50% of the cost is payable when your Lie Detector is ordered. The balance is due from you when your unit ships from Practical Magic.

Please select 100% or 50% when placing your order.

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