Nancy’s Necklace

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Nancy’s Necklace EXCLUSIVE

It’s a competition! It’s a magic trick! It’s a whole lot of fun! Nancy asked for a necklace for her birthday from her Uncle, but when the box came, there inside were three lengths of cord and some loose beads. You explain that to make a necklace, you have to thread the beads onto the cord, so you decide to have a competition! Three children assist, one uses the RED beads, another the GREEN beads, and the third has the YELLOW beads. At last you have three necklaces and you reward the winner, but then you remember that Nancy wanted a necklace with the colours all mixed up. You decide to use magic. The three necklaces are placed back in the box, and a wand is picked up. (You can go into all sorts of comedy wands here!) A child holds the box, magic spells are chanted, and when the lid is lifted off, there inside is the multicoloured necklace! The box is otherwise empty! You finish the trick by placing the necklace on Nancy. Lots of participation as well as action and colour! ‘Nancy’s Necklace’ comes complete and ready to work.

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