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Split Die Box

When you read that something is described as an ‘improvement’ on a classic, it very rarely is! But for once, that word is justified – the Split Die Box really is an improvement and makes the whole routine even more baffling.

The routine begins in the normal way, with you explaining what is going to happen: a large dice is going to fly from here (hat, or whatever you wish to use) into this box. Your actions suit your words as you bring the dice over to the oblong box and place it in one or other side. You ask the audience to remember which side the dice has been placed into, but, as you do so, you tip the whole box and a very audible ‘clunk’ is heard. Opening the door where the dice was, you show it empty. In fact, the dice is over here – and you open the other door.

It doesn’t take long for your audience to complain that the dice is simply sliding from one side of the box to the other – exactly what you want them to say!

So far then, the routine has followed the standard handling for the Die Box, but, at this point, things change! At long last, you begin to realise that your audience think you are cheating (!) so you offer to try and help them. You lift one half of the Die Box off the tray where it’s been sitting, and separate the two halves by some distance. For instance, one part may be in your hands and the other part on the table, or you might place one box on one table and the other part on another table. You clearly show in which box the dice is resting – but, a moment later, the dice has jumped to the other box. You can make them go backwards and forwards at will. No suspicious clunking; just invisible flight. It’s uncanny!

Finally, the dice disappears completely. You open both halves of the box – and the dice has GONE! Where is it? Why back in the hat (or other receptacle) which you showed at the beginning!

Brilliant magic! All the fun of the usual Die Box but then some more – and a really baffling routine!

You’ll be thrilled at the quality of the props: spray painted wood with a golden design and a bright contrasting yellow for the dice.

A prop which we’re proud to offer.

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