The Comeback Spider

Tommy James


The Comeback Spider - Tommy James
Based on a Trevor Lewis effect. Its a Homing Card effect for your
Halloween shows!

Magician displays the backs of five cards each with a picture of a spider
web. You state that there are no spiders on the webs, because one thing
you hate are SPIDERS!

Turn the cards around and tell the children you have pictures of five
different jack-o-lanterns. As you spread the cards the kids see a big
spider and are quick to let you know!(A BIG FURRY Spider) Magician sees
the spider, acts startled and puts the spider aside.

Spread the cards again showing four jack-o-lanterns. Tell the children one
of the jack-o-lanterns will disappear when you say "Happy" and they shout

Once again, another spider appears! This happens three more times until
the kids are in a frenzy. You finally pick up all the cards and turn
around to put them away and there is a spider hanging on your back! The
kids go wild!

Cards measure 5 1/2" by 4 1/4".  Printed on quality stock with a beautiful
protective finish. Full permission given by Trevor Lewis for his handling.
A guaranteed HIT for your Halloween shows!

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