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The Comedy Cockpit! 'Visual gags to take you to a higher altitude!' by Graham Hey 

A brand new collection of visual gags, one liners and ideas for anyone who would like to add a bit of comedy to their stage act or close-up performances! These are easy-to-do bits and pieces that will get you laughs! You don't need to be a pro! The Comedy Cockpit! is 28 pages and contains a load of great material and a couple of revisited classics! 

This is top-drawer material, but don't take our word for it! 


"A superb collection of gags for the working pro. Beautifully explained and masterfully written. If you do comedy, this is a 'must have' to add to your arsenal." 
- Mel Mellers, one of the world's top cruise ship performers 

"Brilliant stuff!" 
- David Taylor, pro comedy magician 

"This book should be in the federal reserve, there's so much GOLD in it!!" 
- Mike McClean, cruise ship comedy mentalist 

Graham has included gags, bits of business and one-liners to suit all occasions - stage, close-up, and impromptu occasions. Gags suitable for comedy magicians, comperes, mentalists, the list is endless. Funny lines to deliver at the start and finish of shows, when selecting volunteers, announcements before, during and after shows, as well as the odd gag which is suitable for presentations in front of magicians. LOADS of them - and I certainly can use many. 

I recommend all magicians to grab a copy - select the gags most suited to their style of performance, and then deliver them to their audiences. A lot of laughter will come! 

FREE GIFT!!! When you buy The Comedy Cockpit! You also get 'Killer One Liners to Create a Big Buzz' - a compilation of Graham's first three books FREE! This includes over two hundred original one-liners and a ton of visual gags! EASILY worth £15 by itself!

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