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Wonder Pop by Gonçalo Gil and Danny Weiser

Make a lollipop appear from bubbles! 

The Magician explains that he's going to show how lollipops are made. He takes a bottle of bubble mix and blows soap bubbles. Magically catches one of the bubbles, and it turns into a solid ball! He attaches the ball to a stick, he waves the stick, and visually it becomes a real lollipop that can be given to a member of the audience. Works great with a Chupa Chup lollipop.

Great as an extra magical 'bit' to your show. Add to any routine where you need to make a prize for a helper. Instantly resets

  • Wonder Pop comes complete with all the gimmicks
  • It can be performed in close-up or stage work
  • Perfect for kid shows and family shows
  • The lollipop can be given as a souvenir

Bubble mix and lollipops not supplied.

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