Practical Magic under new ownership!

I am very pleased to confirm, that following Cheryl's announcement at Trix in the Stix, as from 5th June 2017, Practical Magic is now owned and run by my partner (Charlene) and me (Gary Dunn).

After the sad passing of Jeremy Le Poidevin last November, Cheryl decided that her heart was no longer in Practical Magic, and didn't wish to continue the business alone. She was delighted that I decided to take over the company and of course, wished me and all her loyal customers the very best for the future. She, and Jeremy will always be very much a part of Practical's history, and I feel privileged to have worked with them both and consider them friends.

I will endeavour to continue the great work that Jeremy and Cheryl have done over the years, and you can be assured that Practical Magic will continue to lead the way for Childrens magic and equipment in the UK, and beyond.  

It will take a few days for the website switchover, and stock to be transported from Shropshire to Glasgow, so please be patient with us over the first few days. We're still picking it up as we go, but there is still lots to learn.

Thank you for your loyal support during the transition.

Gary & Charlene xxx


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