A Show For All Seasons

Chris T Magician



A Show For All Seasons - Christopher T Magician

No Christmas show? No Halloween show? No Princess show? No problem! Everything you need to build your own fully themed show is here, divided into three fun to read sections: Four Lists, The Adapting Trick Collection, and Making It…

FOUR LISTS – Want to know one of the secrets of Christopher T. Magician’s Success? Lists! And making your own themed show is as easy as making a few of them! Here, Christopher shares the four lists he compiles that automatically build the structure and outline for any themed show at all!

THE ADAPTING TRICKS COLLECTION – This Collection contains fourteen tricks that can easily be adapted and built around any theme! Christopher shares detailed method instructions along with tons of examples to get your creative juices flowing!

MAKING IT – Christopher gets in depth, providing step-by-step, detailed directions for building your own original adapted magic creations. All it takes is a little printing, cutting, and gluing, and you’ll have tricks unique to you and your show!

Along with the theory, Christopher includes fourteen of his new favourite kid show routines, fully-scripted and totally interactive. Highlights include…

BIGGER SMILES – After displaying four pictures of frowny face emoji, the magician instructs the audience to rip the smiles right off their faces. Throwing the imaginary smiles to the stage, the frowny faces transform to smileys one-by-one!

POOH-POO – The magician leads the audience in a round of everybody’s favorite game … Pooh or Poo! A photo of Winnie the Pooh is mixed up with two emoji images. Pooh eventually disappears and reappears in a surprising and hilarious location!

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