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Cool Kid Show Magic Book - Norm Barnhart - Revised addition!

Cool Kid Show Magic for the Twenty-Second Century
Please note that this is different material to Norm's DVD of the same name.
Do yourself a favour and get this book! There are some really excellent ideas here! (Jeremy Le Poidevin)

For the past hundred years magic books have raved about being filled with modern 21st Century Magic effects. Well, this book takes you on a journey to new and amazing marvels for the 22nd Century Magician. This is Modern Magic with an entertaining twist.
Comedy Magician and best selling children’s book author, Norm Barnhart has entertained audiences in all 50 states and 6 counties. He has been a full time entertainer for nearly 30 years and has developed many unique presentations that have brought laughter and amazement to audiences of kids, families, schools, libraries, day cares, fairs and festivals. He has comedy tailored for High School, corporate events and even blows away those tough Junior High audiences. 
There are naturally a few card tricks, but these have a twisted twist such as a card shark that finds the selected card and a dinosaur that does a freakish stunt. You will discover unusual birthday card tricks and even a birthday card to balloon.
You will discover Norm’s unusual method to suck helium out of a balloon on a string and cause it to go down, only to then refill the helium with the help of the kids. You will even uncover the elusive secret to make a coffee cup float with Helium Latte Foam!
Here are some of my favourites (and there are a LOT!):
P6/7 Snowflake Mystery (cut out a snowflake by magic)
P11 Fictional Friction (balloons and FunkenRing)
P12 Atomic Lamp (self-lighting bulb and pin wheel)
P13 Who’s King of the Party? (GREAT marketing idea)
P16 Magic Appearing Car (car from child’s borrowed hat)
P19 UFO Dove Pan (UFO appears then produce little aliens to hand out)
P21 Balloon from Nowhere (using drilled TT)
P22 Trained Magic Fleas (Glorpy handkerchief)
P24 Flower Power (palmed flower)
P70 Dog Gone! (vanishing dog – keeps appearing somewhere new)
P75 Magical Car Fixer (wreck to brand new)
P78 Rainbow Delivery Service (Drawer Box to truck)
P79 Magic Lei from Hat
P82 20th Cent Silks with Crystal Tube (vanished silk appears in tube)
P83 Penny Puzzler (appearance of giant coin)
P 92 Bird from Hat (comedy chicken lays egg)
P114 Origami Flowers (reason for spring flowers to look like paper)
P117 Magical Fairy Drops (appearance of a fairy jewel – brilliant for little girls)
P 124 Vanishing Elephant (world’s smallest elephant…vanishes!)
Over 88 unique tricks and original routines! Illustrated throughout - A4 size - over 170 pages.

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