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Several decades ago the trick “Popsy Pegs” from Supreme was very popular. 
A great effect, but it required an enormous prop to be carried around

In the course of the funny story the children learn what happens during the big laundry day in China. Socks, shirts and, of course, the brightly coloured silk ribbons so popular in China are hung out to dry after they have been washed. And because there are so many people living in China, but not enough space, the items of laundry are not pegged to clothes lines, but to Chinese clothes poles. While you are talking you attach four colourful silk ribbons with their pegs to the clothes pole. The advantage here is not only that the clothes pole doesn’t need as much space as a clothes line, but that the laundry hangs much higher and dries much faster because the wind is much stronger “up there”.

The stupid thing is that a ladder is needed to take down the washing – or could one use a magic spell?  One child chooses a colour – all the others call out the magic spell – and the peg with the silk ribbon chosen without prompting shoots in a high arc into the audience.  The child that caught the first peg with silk ribbon brings it back and it is again attached to the clothes pole. No sooner has the peg been secured, when a different coloured ribbon flies into the audience. It is also re-attached to the pole, the magician looks away for a moment, there is a sudden “snap” and the first ribbon chosen is again catapulted with its peg into the audience. 

No matter how hard the magician tries to secure the ribbons and pegs to the clothes pole, one of the pegs and its matching coloured ribbon always flies off again in an unexpected moment – peace and quiet are restored only after a magic spell is spoken and all ribbons fly in a high arc into the audience – the clothes pegs and the ribbons are then put into a “peg bag” where the ribbons are joined together to form one long multi-coloured ribbon!

The benefits for you:

- You have control of the ‘ribbon launch’ at all times.
- You can “aim” and control the flight direction.
- Every colour chosen flies off the pole in the direction you want.
- The prop is eye-catching, can be held comfortably in one hand during the presentation, it operates reliably and can also be used when you are surrounded by the audience! 
- The prop is supplied complete with all accessories – you only have to provide a change bag, which serves as the peg bag for the final effect.

Pole is 40cm long and 5cm wide.

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