6 Foot Airship Wand

David Kaye


6 Foot Airship Wand - Silly Billy (David Kaye)

This wand packs so small it fits in your pocket. So now you can have a show that fills the room even though it takes up no space in your case.

This wand is made from the thickest rubber sheet available, similar to the sides of a bouncing castle. The nozzle is also the best available.

Plus it comes with 2 small wands (pictured below left) so you can do the bigger and bigger wands routine right away. See how small this packs below right.

This inflates like a beach ball. You can inflate it by mouth. It is very easy to do. The nozzle is a premium nozzle which is large so a lot of air goes in at once and it also is one of those that when you are not blowing into it the air doesn’t come out. It takes about 30 seconds to inflate. You can deflate it and use it over and over. It takes about 20 seconds to deflate.

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