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Balloon-Ability – Jimmy Carlo
This is the third in the series, following on from Jimmy’s highly popular GamesAbilityand KidAbility DVDs. This time Jimmy turns his attention to balloons and shows you how to make some great models, some super games as well as all sorts of bits of business.
On the DVD you’ll find:

Flower Basket
One Balloon Cartoon Motorbike
Balloon Balancing on Nose
Cut and Restored Balloon Trick
Flying Tadpoles and Hoop Game
Balloon Bouules and Plate Targets
Geo Shaped Quiditch/Basketball Game
Bare Hand Balloon production
A Football out of 3 x 260s

Boys' Themed Party Special:
Pirate Hats, Bird on Shoulder and Pirate Sword

Girls' Themed Party Special:
Fairy Wings, Fairy Wand and Tiara/Halo

Tips and ideas
Bigger Geo Balloon Holes
Better Balloon Mini Power Balls
Balloon Pumps
Storage Recommendations
Health and Safety Tips

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