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Be A Magician - The Ultimate Sales Tool for all magicians - Now available for the first time as a HD Downloadable file!

Featuring 16 easy to do tricks, seemingly performed by you.“Be A Magician” is a product that you will be proud to own. It makes money and sells YOU long after the show is over.

Best of all you’ll own the copyright to your video and customised artwork.

'Be A Magician' has been an incredible source of extra income for magicians around the world since we first released it several years ago. However, it's only been available on DVD format, in standard definition. Up until now...

We're taking this amazing product up to a whole new level by finally offering it as a downloadable high definition video file, converted to work on all platforms and in stunning 1920x1080 HD format.

The new quality is truly amazing and way above that of the old DVD.

This new file opens the market up in a far bigger way, allowing you to sell your own personal teaching video online, with instant access. You can also sell the video after your show on a memory stick, with no more bulky DVDs to carry around.

Your video will feature YOUR NAME in the title sequence, with all of your contact details at the end of the video too.
Another new feature is your own special logo that sits in the left hand corner of the picture throughout, with your name and contact details featured and advertised. Making this footage unique to you. It now makes it impossible for anyone to try and pirate your own copy to sell themselves.
It really is your own personal HD video that represents you and your brand in the best possible way.
You'll receive one HD 1920x1080 video file which we will upload and send to you, direct to your email. Once your video order has been placed, we will create a stunning video and once ready, ship it to you electronically direct to your email address.
You have permission to feature it on your website as a downloadable link or simply place onto memory sticks to sell them after your shows.
Costing you pennies, imagine the profit!
  • One HD file of 'Be A Magician' complete with your name and contact details on the footage itself
  • One file featuring your artwork to feature in any way you wish 

Contents include:

Find The Lady - The Classic card trick where the spectators can't find the lady!

Reading You Mind - An interactive illusion that you can follow along to and have YOUR mind read

The Balancing Glass - Take a playing card and magically balance a glass onto its edge. It's amazing!

The Four Ace Trick - Make the Four Aces appear from a regular deck of cards as if by magic!

The Cups & Balls - Now it's your chance to learn the oldest trick in World!

Water to Ice - Magically change a change a cup of water into cubes of Ice!

Matchbox Prediction - An amazing trick in which you know exactly what the audience are thinking!

Jumping Rubber Band - Make a rubber band pass through your fingers as if by magic!

The Vanishing Coin - Borrow any coin and make it disappear, you choose if you want to bring it back!

The Haunted Finger Ring - Learn to make a borrowed ring move on it's own UP a rubber band!

Shot in HD (1920x1080)


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