Birthday Party Mania 3 - Double DVD

Tommy James


Birthday Party Mania 3 - double DVD - Tommy James

Routines performed on this DVD:

**Flash Card Opener: The PERFECT lead-in to any magic show.

**Birthday Silk Production: Production of a giant 36" silk with

a message for the birthday child HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

**Sponge Ball Vision Test: A mainstay in Tommy's third birthday

act for years with a climax you will want to add to your show.

**Measle Wand 2.0: The measle wand on steroids that will have

the kids in stitches!

**Color Changing Streamer: A unique use for this colorful prop.

**Triple Treat Flower Wand: Hand a child a large magic wand and

you are left holding a flower. The flower splits into two, then

three! The perfect lead-in to the Blooming Wands.

**Blooming Wands: A super hilarious routine where three colored

wands turn into colorful bouquets of flowers.

**Drawer Box: The birthday child makes a bunny appear along

with some new antics making this a super comical routine.

**ABC Blocks: A complete 5 1/2 minute routine. Engaging, magical

and comical! Worth the price of the DVD itself!

**Lasso Card: Tommy's rendition of Rich Marotta's classic effect.

Great for any kid show. Do not miss this!

**Comeback Bee (Wasp in the UK!): PANDAMONIUM to the max! Tommy's pet effect.

High energy! Highly entertaining! The kids LOVE it!!!

**Cut & Restored Rope: Tons and TONS of business in this 9 minute

routine with help from the birthday child. Laughs galore!

**Rainbow Production Panels: Tommy's modification of the classic

temple screen and finally a REASON to pull colorful

streamers from a previously shown empty prop.

***PLUS: More than a DOZEN gags, props and bits of business

that are NOT listed above along with one liners galore making

this DVD the grand finale in the Birthday Party Mania series.

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