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BlindFly - Eric Leclerc

BLINDFLY is designed for the true worker! It's a hysterical utility prop to add to your public performances no matter who your audience may be. You place a blindfold on yourself OR your spectator during your act. When the trick is over, you remove the blindfold and it unexpectedly unrolls into a pair of men's underwear! A hilarious finale to any number!

BLINDFLY comes with everything you need to perform this hilarious sight gag. In addition to the blindfold, we also supply you with special stickers to have the optional Card Trick reveal as a kicker.

12 years ago, BLINDFLY was invented by magicians Eric Marcotte & Eric Leclerc. It has been tested and performed hundreds of times by the Erics in their professional shows all over the world.

BLINDFLY is a hilarious gag that can be seen and understood by anyone in the world, regardless of language barriers.

When you buy BLINDFLY from us, we will include all performing rights with your purchase. It includes television rights as well!

Why add a blindfold to your show?

  • Creates the illusion of mystery and danger
  • Makes your trick or stunt seem MUCH more impossible
  • Introducing a blindfold can become the entire hook of the stunt
  • Adds drama and builds suspense to any number
  • It plays HUGE no matter the size of the theatre!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION: Purchase includes a 20-minute instructional video with professional magician Eric Leclerc outlining all the nuances and different scenarios you can create with BLINDFLY. You will even learn how to perform the classic force while blindfolded!

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