Frooty Fun!

Practical Magic Ltd



A McCombical Prediction that will drive your audience BANANAS!

A child is selected to assist. Whilst they look away, the audience is shown a prediction made by the magician. It’s a piece of fruit; a small orange. The orange is placed into a bag on the table and left in full view of the audience. While the volunteer still isn’t looking, some cards are shown to the audience. They are ALL pictures of oranges. The assistant returns and is asked to chose a card, and is told that the card selected will match the prediction in the bag. After a short question and answer session, the child eventually reveals that they have actually chosen a card with a BANANA on it. The Magician has messed up, and yet when the child reaches into the bag to show the prediction, there is a REAL banana instead of an orange. The prediction is correct after all!

Similar in plot to Picture Fun, but made with FROOTY GOODNESS! 

Comes complete with beautiful A5 size, full coloured cards, paper lunch style bag and that special extra something. Supplied in a plastic shell box to protect your cards.

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