Crazy Balloon Pop Table

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Crazy Balloon Pop Table

With the Crazy Balloon Pop Table, you will blow them way!

If you like comedy with your magic, then this is for you.

You explain to your helper that you are going to teach them a spell. The one that allows you to burst balloons!

A balloon is chosen, inflated and placed on your table and from there, everything goes wrong! First, the sign comes off and swings from one end!  Then, the balloon is missed again and a cup flies from the table! Next, the table top will tip over and everything falls onto the floor! And finally, your partner will succeed in exploding the balloon! Throw in a few comedy wands and some jokes and you're ready to have a blast!

Everything is 100% mechanical. THERE ARE NO ELECTRONICS OR BATTERIES.

The table top containing the mechanics comes in a padded transport case. The base is a heavy duty tripod stand.

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