Deluxe Money Machine

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Deluxe Money Machine

You may be familiar with the basic effect: a white sheet of paper the size of a five pound note is twisted between two rollers. Logically, it comes out the other side exactly the same!

After a spell, the paper is rolled through the mangle again, instantly transforming it into a real, five pound note, with which you hand out immediately.                                   
This process is repeated with a second, somewhat larger piece of paper - this paper turns into a tenner. You can make different notes and currencies without having to prepare in between. The bill machine works even if you feed it with a trimmed newspaper. It looks absolutely amazing when you can still see the newspaper on one side of the rollers, while half of it has already turned into a banknote on which the newspaper can still be read!

With this precision apparatus, however, misprints are also possible, in which a small bill is printed on much too large paper, so that the edge must first be cut to size. Or you can conjure up two-sided banknotes that have sterling on one side and, for example, euros on the other side!

Beautifully made in wood and aluminium, this not to be confused with any other model on the market.  Not cheap, but a fantastic investment and a piece of great magic!

Comes complete with routine and lots of white sheets in different sizes.

Money Printer Deluxe from Gary Dunn on Vimeo.


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