How To Create Kids’ Magic and Triple Your Income!

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How To Create Kids’ Magic and Triple Your Income! – John Breeds EXCLUSIVE Published by Practical Magic

"No self-respecting children's entertainer should be without this book." Ted Lumby

With introductions by Terry Herbert and David Kaye. Terry regards this as one of the BEST books published on entertaining children. Here you’ll find approximately 200 A4 sized pages, crammed with all you need to know on children’s entertaining. Sure, there are routines – and some outstanding ones at that! – but this book is also full of the BUSINESS of entertaining children, a subject which many books have omitted. There are sections on:

Non-elimination Games
Bits of Business
Sound Systems and Microphones
Magic Tables
as well as loads more AND the original routines.
Profusely illustrated throughout. Soft cover. This is a superb book for anyone who entertains children.

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