Jockey Chips

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Jockey Chips - Tora Magic DOUBLE PACK ONLY

Potato Chips are a popular snack that people all over the world are familiar with.

With this effect, you can create two stunning colour changes of the chip cans. Imagine that you have a red chips that change to blue and then back to red. This can be repeated several times before it suddenly turns yellow! Now give the can to the audience and ask open it and check the flavour. Boom!! It's a snake can too! A perfect fun ending for the effect.

Easy to do, no angle problems and set up in no time.
Great for all audiences, perfect with children and for comic presentations and gags!      Nice quality props and a really great spring snake too!

These are designed to be sold individually, but personally, I much prefer TWO of these for a passe-passe effect with the red and blue cans changing places and then eventually both becoming yellow as a kind of sucker climax! The final can may be opened by an audience member and its full of chips, you open your can, and a huge snake flies out!!

Therefore, Practical Magic are doing a FANTASTIC deal on two bought together.

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