Jozo Bozo's Mis-Made Flag (Union Jack)

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Jozo Bozo's Mis-Made Flag (Union Jack) A PRACTICAL MAGIC EXCLUSIVE

Jozo Bozo is one of the most creative kid show magicians in the world. He felt it was time to update and improve the classic Mis-Made Flag routine. And so he has!

Start with the flag that looks “almost normal” – shaken a little bit but closely resembling a normal flag. Saying that it was a bumpy ride to get to the venue, ask the kids to help you fix it. Wave your Change Bag up and down to loosen up the elements on the flag to hopefully get them in the right position. When you remove the flag all the elements end up in the bottom corner of the silk. Ooops! Then you wave the magic wand and it comes out with the wavy lines. Then all the kids make circular gestures and the flag becomes spiral. And finally when everyone says the magic words the flag is correct.

These flags are not printed on silk. They are printed on thin synthetic fabric, which means they are very durable, can be washed, and barely wrinkle.

Flags measure  50cm x 28cm (20” x 11”). The set comes with 5 flags. You don’t have to use all the flags in the routine. Pick your favourites. It’s a Mis-Made Flag routine that you do without a child helper and without the three coloured silks at the start. Supply your own changing device.

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