Keep the Kids Laughing

Tommy James


Keep the Kids Laughing - Tommy James

It's here! One year in the making. Tommy's first and only book he will ever write! Almost 400 pages of advice and material from a working pro that can only be derived from a lifetime of performing magic for children and family audiences. This book is chock-full of material that will prove beneficial to both the beginner as well as the seasoned pro. 

This hardbound book is 8-1/2 X 11" with full colour throughout and hundreds of photos.

The first two chapters take you on a journey of where it all began and how Tommy grew the business into a full-time career. The rest of the book is loaded with knowledge, learning experiences and lots of audience tested routines, many of which have never appeared on any of Tommy's DVD's.

There is a 36 page chapter on the entire birthday party business, taking you on a journey from the moment Tommy arrives at the party and makes eye contact with the kids, to the rollercoaster ride of entertainment which includes setting up, performing the show, handing out promotional material and keeping the kids laughing until he drives away.

"The chapter on the Birthday Party Business is worth the price of the book!"  Charlie Meyer,   AKA Charlie Cadabra

There is even a section on marketing where Tommy shares some of his earliest promotional materials and how they have evolved into what he uses today to promote the business. Eighteen chapters full of valuable information include: 

Where it all began

The Path to Full-time: Taking the business from semi-pro to full-time performing.

Magic Education: Advice about the process of learning magic.

Venues for Children's Entertainers: (Speaks for itself)

Marketing & Promotion: The progression of Tommy's earliest promotional materials and how he promotes himself today. 

Making Kids Laugh: The art of making kids laugh. Lots of gags and bits-of-business are shared in this chapter!

Comedy Magic Wands: A dozen routines complete with patter, full colour photos and all the business & comedy antics that Tommy uses with comedy wands. The Pop-Away Wand, Measle Wand, Wand to Snake, Feather Duster Wand and much, much more!

Prop Management: Storage, performing cases and just good, sound advice. 

The Birthday Party Business: So much material is shared in this chapter including show structure, along with a list of Tommy's three completely different birthday party routines. 

Opening Routines: Six different opening routines.

Closing Routines: Three of Tommy's favourite closing routines.

Sucker Routines: How to present a respectful sucker routine.

Audience Tested Routines: 15 audience tested routines with complete patter, including a golden ten-minute routine using the classic kid show prop, Stratospheres. 

Card Tricks for Kids: Four great, entertaining card routines for kids!

Christmas Magic: Three sure-fire routines for Christmas shows. 

Magic for the Older Kids: Four can't-miss routines for the older kids. 

Say NO to Bullying: Three awesome routines straight out of Tommy's own school assembly program. 

Funny Stories & Experiences: Some lessons learned!

Over 50 complete routines along with everything you need to know about building and maintaining a successful performing business.

You will NOT be disappointed!

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