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Kid-Ability DVD - Jimmy Carlo  

There's so much to enjoy and learn from on this DVD. Lots of bits of business and some really clever twists on standard routines. I think this is a great addition to any entertainer's collection. (Approx. 120 minutes.)

Contents: *Warm Up Routine *Magic Spell Book *Introducing the child *Tels Bells *Comedy Paper Tear Race *Mouth Coil Vanish *Comedy Wands *Appearing Sweets (Dove Pan) *Phone Call from Santa *Present From Santa (Silver Sceptre) *Nursery Rhyme Time *Spider Bag (Comedy Blendo) *Magic Wishing Box *Magic Colouring Book *Comedy Balloon Routine.

Here's what Terry Herbert has to say: Many of you will remember Jimmy Carlo when he created a very funny, award winning act as a Sumo warrior. However over the last few years he has re-invented himself as Jimbo and is now one of our leading Children's Entertainers, and has become extremely successful.

He has at last brought out not one but two DVDs called Kid-Ability and Games-Ability, the former showing how he entertains with magic and the latter how to present funny and very entertaining games. A subject that has been sadly overlooked in the plethora of DVDs on children's entertaining.

When I sat down to review these discs I felt that I would need some professional help so engaged the services of my two grand-daughters Erin 8 years old and Lilah 4 years old.

The magic DVD opens up with an audience of school children clapping in time to Jimbo's very catchy signature theme tune that incidentally my grandchildren were singing and humming to long after the show had finished.

He then proceeds to present his own slant to various well known children's tricks such as Supreme's Magic Spell Book, a changing bag with a blendo, the evergreen Silver Sceptre, Magic Colouring Book and even my own Tel's Bell with a very funny routine involving an orange hooter, a sweet production, and a hilarious paper tearing bit that had the children falling about with laughter. There were 14 routines in all, together with all those bits of business that are so essential to the entertainment of Children.

One interesting bit was when he came to the Silver Sceptre with a great story line about a present from Santa Clause, Lilah was laughing and yelling at the screen and reacting as if she had never seen it before, and yet she must have seen me do it many, many times, which only goes to prove, what I have said all along that children love repetition.

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