Kids Love The Classics DVD - with David Oakley

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Kids Love The Classics DVD – with David Oakley. Practical Magic EXCLUSIVE


Why do magicians call some tricks ‘classics’?

What makes these tricks different?

And what makes them so suitable for children?

Classic tricks are not pipe dreams: they have withstood the test of time, proving that they have really strong qualities which appeal to children. Until relatively recently, there were no such things as specific children’s tricks: many a magician’s programme would have been made up of the classic tricks you’ll see on this DVD.

With the advent nowadays of so many tricks geared to children, we thought it would be a great idea to re-visit some of these forgotten gems and show just how suitable and magical they are for inclusion in YOUR show.

Items like the Vanishing Cane, a Thumb Tip Silk Vanish, Miser’s Dream, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Twentieth Century Silks, the Egg Bag, Linking Rings and Sympathetic Silks – all of these are covered on this DVD. In fact, almost every single trick in the show is a ‘classic’.

David Oakley is a long-standing professional children’s and family entertainer. On this DVD he shows why these classic tricks reached celebrated status and why they deserve a place in the shows of anyone who entertains children.

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