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Kids’ Show Selection – book – Ian Adair EXCLUSIVE
Yet another superb book dealing with original tricks and routines. There’s a real mixture here of commercial ideas for the children’s entertainer – practical material suitable for all age groups, with suggested patter lines to accompany many of the effects. 152 pages detailing some 40 original effects.
"Kids' Show Selection if absolutely filled with really terrific ideas, many of which I can use in my shows. I have the complete collection of your books on kids' magic - each one different from the other!" Conny Ray (Sweden)
"This is a must book for all children's entertainers. So far I have found some five super routines which I know will become features in my future kids' shows."
 Steve Short (Billy Biscuit)
"The book looks so clean, colourful and inviting - a joy to read. A tremendous lot of commercial items to choose from. Where the heck do all those ideas come from?"
Allen Tipton
"Another superb book containing kids' show material which I can, and will use - outstanding!" Paul MacLeavy
"Super book! We were fighting over who gets to read it first!"
John and Tamar Kimmons

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