Laundry Silk Set

Di Fatta


Laundry Silk Set - Sitta

The magician shows three stained silks and places them in a box of soap powder. They pour some liquid into the box and claims that the box of detergent will be used as a “magic washing machine". A moment later they remove the three completely white silks, perfectly clean. Finally they completely open the box to demonstrate that there is nothing hidden inside!

A timeless classic!

• The various white and stained silks are 18" (45 cm per side). The three 'stains' are:
Oily/Muddy handprints, Lipstick and Ink Splashes.

• We also supply a beautiful soap box, specially made for the effect, that can be fully opened. It can be reused many, many times, but if it gets damaged, we can supply refills here.

• The gimmick for pouring the liquid is not supplied (our Milk Wonder Glass or Milk Pitcher are perfect additions to this routine, but not necessary to perform the effect).

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