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Lego Prediction - by Adrián Carratalá

On the stage is a jar filled to the brim with small Lego blocks. You tell the audience that you have written the answer to the question “How many blocks are in the jar” actually inside the jar, with the blocks.

The audience can call random numbers, or you as a magician add up the different numbers that the audience gives. As soon as you and the audience have determined one number (and that can really be any number) you open the pot and inside you will find a note with the exact number that the audience has just given. A true miracle!

This method for this makes it possible for any number to appear on the note in the pot. A colourful mentalism routine where the entire audience can actively participate in the trick.

Lego Prediction is suitable for both adult and children’s shows and is very easy to perform. You don’t have to touch or go near the pot during the routine for the trick to work. You also don’t have to use an assistant to make the trick work, but the trick is easier if you have a chance to do that.

The set contains everything you need, the big jar full of Lego blocks, special gimmick and a Spanish (English subtitles) online instruction video that totally explains how to perform the effect. With the gimmick you receive, you don’t have to be limited to numbers, but you can also use words or even images. The gimmick itself is easy to use so you can focus on your presentation.

A great piece of magic at an amazing price!


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