Leopard Silk - Sitta

Di Fatta


Leopard Silk

A large black silk full of coloured dots is shown back and front. The magician grabs it from one corner and gives it a shake. Magically the coloured spots are seen to visibly drop off the silk leaving it now completely black! But that’s not all because the magician then throws a bunch of coloured confetti in the air, and shakes the black silk in the cloud of confetti that are fluttering down. Incredibly, the coloured spots visibly reappear on the black silk, that is once again shown front and back.

• Beautifully made in silk.

• The silk measure about 60 x 60 cm (24” x 24”).

• We also supply some confetti to perform the effect immediately.

• It is an original Alberto Sitta item and the quality is second to none.


We can also supply the special confetti in refill packs.

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