Lilly the Ladybird

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Lilly the Ladybird - Boretti

Here’s a real winner for younger children. Apparently, the spots on the ladybird keep changing from two to three, then four, five and even six. You can hardly keep track of the changes. Unfortunately, the performer is the only person satisfied or even convinced by this ‘magic’. As far as the children are concerned, half the time you are turning around the ladybird, and the other half you are covering and uncovering one of the spots. So then you suggest that the children help. At the moment, there are only five spots, and there should be six so you get the children to throw spots towards you. “Have they arrived yet?” you ask. “NO!” yell the children, so you turn around the ladybird to see for yourself. Unknown to you (?!) facing the children now are about FOURTEEN spots!! So what’s on the other side? Ah, well that’s what she wears when she goes to the ball, and, turning her again, you show she now has FOURTEEN SILVER SPOTS!

Simple to perform, which allows you to concentrate on presentation. No magnets to 'slide' about, just a great bit of magic with TWO big surprises!

Beautifully made in foamex, Lilly measures 24cm x 34cm (9.5 x 13.5 inches)

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