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Magic Ten by Ginn - David Ginn

Here is a brand new CD-ROM/DVD package featuring TEN classic David Ginn books, out-of-print or going out — 278 pages total — plus nearly two hours of DVD showing 28 video clips from the books, plus the bonus 1984 live school show, Computerized Magic!  The ten books, each with new intros and lots of extras, are these:

1. Comedy Warm-ups for Children’s Shows, the book that started making kidshows more fun that ever before, thanks to Harold Taylor. 17 tricks and routines!

2. The Snake Can, a classic routine David created in 1968 and has never stopped performing. Read the book, see it performed live on the DVD.

3. The Quick-Change Silk, another Ginn creation from the early 1970s, used in over 1000 live shows and on television. You can make it and do it too!

4. Close-Up A-Ginn, 30 easy tricks with cards, coins, balls, paper clips, and David’s TV version of Card in Pumpkin. Hey, it worked!

5. Comedy Card on Back, developed in 1974 on short notice and used ever since by David and hundreds of other magicians around the world.

6. Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief, the greatest trick EVER for Cub Scout and Boy Scout banquets and camp shows. A killer effect!

7. Comedy Linking Rings, David’s own routine with two audience helpers, performed thousands of times. No complicated moves — just solid entertainment!

8. Comedy Lunch Box, David’s original 4-kid routine with lots of stage laughs and a big surprise at the end. You can make it, you can do it!

9. Bringing Home the Laughs, David’s sequel of sorts to Comedy Warm-ups, with 35 more jokes, gags, and bits of business you can use in shows for children. Honk! Honk!

10. Matchbox Delights, long out-of-print book by David Ginn with huge help from Bev Bergeron, teaching you dozens of magic tricks with matchsticks and matchboxes. Easy!

PLUS the bonus book: COMPUTERIZED MAGIC Behind the Scenes — how I developed the show, the show poster,
breakdown of tricks, and what happened to Mr. Roboto 25 years later! Read an excerpt on our website.

Video Clips on the DVD include:  Ten by Ginn Intro, Hot Book, Sixth Finger Countdown, Talking Teeth, Raising Hands Gag, Total Recall, ABC’s Backwards, CBA’s by the Hannig Kids, The Snake Can, The Quick-Change Silk, Hand Shake Coin, Coin Sandwich, Cutting the Ribbon, Comedy Card on Back, Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief, Comedy Linking Rings, Comedy Lunch Box, Free Breakfast Set, Spike Out of Noah’s Ark, Vanishing Coke, Wilting Flower, Rock in Shoe, Copperhead, Chicken or the Egg?, Honk Horn, Eleven Like Nine. Matchbox Coin, and Matchbox Stack.  Running Time:  56 minutes.

Bonus Video:  A live performance of Computerized Magic, the 1984 school show David presented over 350 times. Time:  55 minutes.

EVEN IF you have some of these books, you’ll find lots of NEW in the package — like performances of the never shown Comedy Lunch Box, Quick-Change Silk, and rarely seen Cut & Restored Neckerchief, plus fun comedy warm-ups & kidbiz bits, even close-up tricks for entertaining and educating children. You’ll love the dozens of bonus matchstick puzzles too!

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