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More Terrific-trix  EXCLUSIVE

Another book from Ian Adair! Since retiring from performing a couple of years ago, Ian has been busy with his writing. On top of Dealing With Magic (Ian's inside story of the Supreme days) and Cedric's Kids' Routines (a book born out of Ian's long professional association with the late Cedric Richardson) Ian produced a third book called Terrific-trix, which was a compilation of original effects for children's entertainers. All these books are available from Practical Magic. Now, Ian has come up with a follow-up: More Terrific-trix. This follows the same pattern as the last volume: well over 50 original tricks for the children's entertainer, and fully illustrated throughout. In addition, there is a Bonus section of valuable tips for children's entertainers. Not only are the tricks terrific, so is the value for money

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