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The Magic Frog - Defma Magic

The classic fairytale of the frog who becomes a Prince!

A silk is shown, with a picture of a frog wearing a crown and croak, sorry CLOAK!
The children are told, that only a princess' kiss can change the frog back into a handsome prince!

You can get all the children to blow kisses, or alternatively, this is a great time for dressing an audience member up with a tiara and wand to play the princess!  They blow a kiss and you catch it in your hand for everyone to see.  The kiss is vanished and thrown towards the frog, only now he's turned into a handsome prince - and they lived happily ever after!!

There's lots of different ways to perform this great effect, it's totally up to your imagination! Use it as shown in the video, or use a change bag it's up to you.

Perfect for Princess or Fairytale parties!


  • One silk with a frog (14,5" x 11")
  • One silk with a prince (14,5" x 11")
  • One silk with a big kiss (10.5" x 7.5")
  • Link with instructions

    These  are made from a synthetic silk and are printed on one side only. They are very colourful and crush resistant.

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