The Magic Wand Book

Ian Adair


The Magic Wand Book - Ian Adair EXCLUSIVE

"THE MAGIC WAND BOOK is truly wonderful. What a store of information, this book MUST become both a classic and a definite reference for the future. You have given magic a UNIQUE book which I hope magicians will enjoy; We must appreciate the amount of work the author has put into it, and the value of the contents."
Allen Tipton
"Great cover, great illustrations, great contents - your biggest yet! Congratulations!" Stephen Tucker (Editor The Budget)
"As a busy children's entertainer, I found the huge section dealing with comedy wands (old and brand new) very informative. I know of several which I can use and which will form additional 'bit of business' in my kids' show.
Summing up this ULTIMATE book on wands using one word - "WANDERFUL!" Steve Short.
"Ian, you have done a superb job (again) in compiling and writing this amazing wand book. So many wonderful ideas." Adrian Harris
"A wonderful treatise on the subject of magic wands, past and present. If you are looking for a particular wand to blend into a specific routine that you are working on, this is the PERFECT REFERENCE BOOK. As a user of many magic wands myself, I personally found this book indispensable, and I am sure you will too. Recommended." Terry Herbert

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