The Original Dog Arm Puppet Routine

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The ORIGINAL Dog Arm Puppet Routine - Gerry Luff EXCLUSIVE 

You are provided with five cards (all depicting types of food) and a blindfold. The five coloured cards - a banana, an egg, an apple, a carrot and a bone, are freely shown to the children who have to decide which food they think the dog likes best. The dog is now blindfolded (and you can imagine what difficulty you have in fitting it!), and, one by one, the mixed-up cards are placed into the dog’s mouth.

Of course, he finds the bone, and then you have trouble getting the card away from him!

Included in the routine are some clever ideas about how to use a balloon with the dog. First the dog tries to blow up the balloon, then he tries to make it disappear! And there’s more: an hilarious episode in which the dog tries different disguises, and the children have to guess what each one is! We owe a debt of gratitude to a lot of people who have suggested priceless bits and pieces, all of which are included here.

These cards are now professionally and digitally printed on high quality card stock.

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