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Remember years ago, The Supreme Magic Company made an effect called 'Cube in a Tube'? A large black die was placed in to a box, and a metal tube was pushed into the same box. When the tube was removed, the die had vanished , and inside the tube was a cylindrical shaped die.

Tora Magic have brought this effect up to date with really modern and beautiful looking props. The effect is the same, except using a Rubik's cube. The cube can be turned, and placed inside a small black box. There is a round hole in the lid, and the cube can be seen clearly through this hole. Next, a round tube is pushed into this hole, penetrating the cube inside. The lid is opened and the tube removed, the box is now empty. Inside the tube is seen a cylindrical shaped Rubik's device. This can be removed from the tube and again, can be 'twisted' too!

Things to remember:

The props are BEAUTIFUL and come in a really nice wooden box to protect them in your case between shows

This is such a visual trick and very modern looking

The cube is larger than a standard Rubik's cube, and looks good for parlour and birthday party shows. (Cube is 8 x 8 x 8 cm or 3.25 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches)

All the props are made in tough plastic to really last.

Comes complete with online tuition.

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