Zebra Tube

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Zebra Tube - Magic Hands

The Zebra Tube has for many years a best seller for famed “the magic hands” in Germany. There are other production tubes on the market but this original Zebra Tube is still the number one among those available today. It is exceptionally well made and very versatile. This tube is made to produce large quantities of silks, to make silks vanish and to transform them. Seemingly show the tube from both sides and then produce a large flower bouquet from within. Without getting close to any table or other prop, you again show both sides empty and this time you let the audience even look through the rolled up tube, clearly nothing can be hidden! Then start with a large production of silks, sponge items, streamers, spring bouquets and many more. The possibilities are endless.Use the tube to transform single silks into a large Blendo or change white silks into multi coloured ones! The tube has two different secret compartments for lots and lots of loads! The black and white stripes are both modern and classy at the same time. Still made for us by the original German supplier that supplied them to us when we owned “the magic hands”, Quality you can depend on! No load items supplied. The tube is approx. 24″ long. Easy to perform! High impact on an audience

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